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The top is a convenient toolbar and buttons, you can easily increase the object, adjust the position, rotation, scaling and so on. The right is property and templates, including text, shapes, lights, background settings. There are many templates to choose, including text, shapes, buttons, etc., the templates included in the template shape, color, texture, bevel styles, we will be very easy to use. Software has a lot of text graphics and svg graphics library, and users can import their own font and svg graphics, software can turn them into 3D shape. Text and shape of the set is very flexible, Material: can be set separately for front and side, you can set the transparency. Texture: You can choose any picture, and the texture can zoom, move, rotate, adjust. Materials and textures can be mixed. Reflection map texture support: can be glass, metal, plastic and other effects. Texture Animation: Texture can be set to rotate, zoom, move the animation. In addition, the object has a lot of bevel mode selection. Software can be set lighting effects, we can arbitrarily adjust the lighting of the location, intensity, color, make our work more luster. Software supports export of various image formats, including jpg, png, bmp, tiff, etc.

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